ZBrush Training Students and their story

Andre Pessel

Andre is an amazing illustrator with a very adventurous style. No two images are quite the same, and they seem full of motion and emotion. Andre is very explorative and always looking for ways to expand his range of products. Screen printing and embossed printing has added to his arsenal of services. Modern milling machines are able to utilize digital data for cutting into a variety of surfaces. Andre now owns a print shop that specializes in embossing and debossing artistic elements and designs along with artwork for his customers. ZBrush is particularly suited to sculpting and modelling forms that can be transferred as digital data readable by a Cnc mill, and then can be used for relief printing. Indeed an artist with a lot to offer! Website: letterpresswinkel

What Andre has to say about ZBrushTraining: Opening ZBrush for the  first time proved to be a demotivating experience. Nothing is what it seems and the program is so enormously deep that I quickly realized that I couldn’t see a way to come to grips with it. Youtube is a great resource for information but where in god’s name do you begin? I stumbled across Chris’s website and decided to sign up for training.

In two intensive days of instruction Chris showed me how the fundamentals of ZBrush worked. In a one on one course Chris explained all of the elemental features of the software in a relaxed and logical fashion, which we were able to immediately put into practice. Using this method I became familiar with the tools and interface and came to realize the many possibilities ZBrush has to offer, a valuable lesson indeed!

Chris is a super teacher and a very nice person to work with. He listens very carefully to your questions and wishes and precisely customizes the course based on them. You just don’t just get a workshop, but a workshop that is tailor made entirely to satisfy your requirements and suited to your level.

Last but not least, coffee and delicious lunch are included. Really great!
Thanks Chris!

Linda van Putten

Linda van Putten is a very talented illustrator who designs and produces everything form miniatures to huge wall paintings. Linda’s style is as unique  as it is charming and communicative. This artist is also very conscious of social media and makes great use of it to promote her professional services. A very inquisitive artisan Linda is constantly searching for new ways to produce her work and ZBrush offered her the avenues she sought to expand her already diverse business. Linda made the transition into the world of 3D very quickly and naturally. I can’t wait to see what she makes next!
Website: Linda van Putten

What Linda has to say about ZBrushTraining: The ZBrush course was split (by my request) over two Fridays. The week between proved very useful as it gave me time to practice and prepare questions.  Chris explains everything in a relaxed and clear manner. He demonstrates actions in ZBrush and at the same time the student follows along. We handled many tools and approaches in ZBrush. It worked very well. Chris is friendly and cheerful and the lunch at the Sunflower was a nice rest point. I learned a lot during the two day course, and later noticed that at home I could follow the online tutorial videos quite easily along with being able to use the many ZBrush tools. My insight has greatly improved. Chris is easy to reach and prepared to help even after the course. I made a very clever decision to follow the course in ZBrushTraining.

Hedayh Menkabo

Hedayh Menkabo is a bright Digital Engineer working for IIIDSnap Dar Tec Engineering in Saudi Arabia. Hedayh works in the digital printing section of that business and armed with an insatiable curiosity  is capable of directing a flurry of relative questions at any given moment. Hedayh is as cheerful as she is brilliant and at home in the volatile and rapidly developing world of 3d printing. Hedayh adapted immediately to ZBrush and demonstrated a natural aptitude for working effectively in three dimensional space. Website: IIIDSnap

What Hedayh has to say about ZBrushTraining: ZBrush is a very strong software, and getting started with it is a challenge. Chris got me through the tricks and tools that eased my workflow and made it more efficient. The training’s general outline covered all the basics of modeling, as well as some other tools to help me with my business. Chris was very patient with me and answered all of my questions and welcomed them and the two-day session was very interactive and relaxed. I recommend this course to those just starting with 3D modeling, or even those with a good background about it; as this training would definitely boost their skills!

Katarina Stupavska

katarinaKatarina Stupavska is an amazing artist and designer who creates breathtaking prints and hypnotic interior design concepts. Katarina is a freelancer based in Amsterdam, specialised in custom made digital wallpapers for hotels, restaurants, apartments, offices and more. Katarina has recently released a commercial line of wallpapers inspired by the “Dutch Masters in the Golden Age” in collaboration with the wallcovering company BNinternational in Huizen, The Netherlands. Website: katarina stupavska

What Katarina has to say about ZBrushTraining: Chris is a very experienced instructor of 2 and 3D graphics software. During the two day course Chris explained the primary functions of Zbrush perfectly before we focused on how to apply this knowledge to my current projects. I found this to be the greatest advantage of private instruction compared to general instruction in a larger group. Chris set me at ease during the process and that inspired me a lot. Zbrush Training is a great opportunity for every artist who wishes to discover the limitless possibilities of Zbrush in a very short time. I can highly recommend this Zbrush course given by Chris.

Trevor Galway

trevorTrevor is a talented and experienced artist with an incredibly developed sense for expressive detail. A master of visual communication, Trevor produces dramatic and attractive images in a range of two and three dimensional graphic software packages. Based in Sussex England Trevor has worked alongside some of the world’s finest creative artists, design agencies and blue chip companies. As inquisitive as he is  creative Trevor’s endless quest for artistic knowledge and high quality craftsmanship makes him an irresistible force in any communicative media today, and tomorrow. Website:.Trevor Galway

What Trevor has to say about Advanced ZBrushTraining: Training with Chris was a personable and easy going experience. The coffee flowed but thankfully I knew my caffeine limits! Training with Chris allowed some of the scattered jigsaw pieces to connect easily (excuse the metaphor). We discussed all manner of maps including Normal, AO, Vector, Colour, Height and Bumps and various production situations along with accurate scaling between software packages. I left ’s-Hertogenbosch with strengthened conviction and a determined outlook on the future. The team working with Chris at Reitscheweg 1 were also extremely helpful…glad to answer questions and solve problems during the weeks course. I wish Chris and the team well and hope that we can all meet again in the future.

Robert van der mijle meijer

robert_vdmmRobert is a field Archaeologist in the true spirit of Indiana Jones! A kite surfing, offroad dirt bike riding, drone racing, game making scientist! With one foot entrenched in the ancient past and the other in the world of science fiction, Robert is a true visionary. A perfect mixture of knowledge in his professional field, and a relentless curiosity regarding cutting edge technology that will allow him to communicate the story this planet has to tell. Robert’s passion for making virtual interactive experiences coupled with his background will result in some very exciting and surprising products in the near future.  Website: Den Haag Archeologie

What Robert has to say about Unreal Engine 4 and BlenderTraining: As an archaeologist working in The Hague for the government I make 3D scans of scenes and objects. To visualize the data I put everything in a game engine (UE4). I searched for a course that would improve my Unreal Engine and Blender skills. Chris provided that service over three days of instruction. It’s by far the nicest course I ever attended! Chris brought the training to my home and we worked hard for many hours, living on coffee, bacon and eggs. Before we started the course Chris phoned me to figure out where my needs were. During the course we shifted a little more to Blender because it appeared I needed that the most. And that’s the cool thing about working with Chris. It’s very flexible working together and I learned a lot over those three days!

Thanks for the help and great days of “studying”.

Robert van Espelo

robert Robert is a Digital Director EMEA at Oracle and provides complete solutions for Oracle’s customers. Oracle Digital strives to become the leader in Digital Transformation. Robert’s position covers a variety of cutting edge technologies such as Social Mobility, Data Platforms, Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Oracle Digital provides guidance and support to its strategic customers on their path to Digital Transformation. If it isn’t enough that Robert is on the forefront of Information Technology, he also is versed in various 3d applications and has written his own book: ‘Het Jaar van de Maker’. Website : www.oracle.com

What Robert says about ZBrushTraining: This training was an inspiring two day roller-coaster of discovery. Having Chris as the instructor meant the training was completely interactive, full of wow-moments and lot’s of fun. Chris knows how to pick the intensity level just right so that you feel you’re learning new, cool stuff at maximum speed without it going over your head. I can highly recommend this training and I would be shocked if you left it without a dozen new ideas you want to work on immediately :-)!

Walther van Ekkendonk

walterAn extremely talented artist and designer, Walther van Ekkendonk realizes projects for both national and international clients. Walther’s method is to focus on specific client requirements in order to produce fully integrated products with an accent on perfect balance between atmosphere and function that contain the all important emotional element that is a trade mark of his impressive art. Walther began his career in mural design in 1995 and has advanced into broader areas of art and design to include interior and exterior work. Walther specializes in wildlife motifs and birds and plants are important components of his art. Website : www.ekkendonk.com

What Walther has to say about ZBrushTraining:: The ZBrush course was an amazing experience. Chris did a great job of outlining the various ZBrush tools, interface and viewport navigation. ZBrush opened up a whole new level in 3D techniques for me and Chris went to great lengths to personalize the training subject and skill set instruction to best suit my needs. Chris’s enthusiasm encouraged me to keep focused and during the two day course I was hooked and able to create the first detailed 3d sculpt I was aiming for. Absolutely terrific, a ‘Must Do’!!

Gerwin Buis

gerwinGerwin Is a dynamic and versatile senior visual designer with experience in various areas like fashion design, illustration, multimedia, graphic art, webdesign, E-commerce, motion graphics, product development, and animation. Gerwin has done extensive work on internet projects, apps, animations and complete fashion collections. Gerwin is also versed in the technicalities behind print, diverse applications and products. Website : www.creativeblast.nl

What Gerwin has to say about ZBrushTraining: I had been searching for some time for someone who could explain the diverse possibilities and functions of ZBrush. After reading a number of books and viewing various online tutorials I was still dissatisfied with the learning material because ZBrush was used in a different way than what I needed. Then I found ZBrush Training. Before I began the course I had a very detailed talk with Chris and he understood exactly what I wanted to use ZBrush for and he then engineered the course to suit my needs. What resulted was ‘tailor made’ instruction where I could learn precisely what was important to me. Working with Chris was enjoyable and inspiring which was an extra bonus. Chris has a vast professional knowledge and enthusiasm which he uses to great effect in teaching. I recommend ZBrush Training to everyone.

Remco Jansen

remcoRemco is an energetic, creative and explorative Project Manager at 3D Creator. Remco has extensive knowledge of 3D techniques and the most recent innovations in design, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. 3D Creator is a company that produces the highest quality 3d print products in Europe. Services offered by 3D Creator include modelling, printing, prototyping, scanning, engineering and product design. 3D Creator’s superior production quality is built on a firm foundation of mechanical engineering knowledge and experience, of which Remco is an integral part. Website : www.3dcreator.nl

What Remco has to say about ZBrushTraining: After working with ZBrush for quite a while it was time for a new point of view. After a search I discovered ZBrushtraining. During a phone call it became apparent that Chris understood exactly what my wishes were. The training gave my ZBrush skills a boost and was customized to suit my needs. Chris was enthusiastic and a good teacher. A nice adition to the course was the relaxed atmosphere and room for humor. A very effective course and I definitely recommend it!